Setting up a Company in Korea
with a Solid & Smart Foundation !

HWAUM LAW OFFICE is the law firm for FOREIGNERS and FOREIGN COMPANIES in South Korea.

Lawyers with expertise in corporate law and intellectual property will provide a wide range of legal services including incorporation and trademark registration.

HWAUM LAW also offers online legal service program "CELLO" with which you can open your business with just a few clicks.

We hope start-up companies grow fast and steadily with the convenient and high-quality services we provide.

Wish to be a true companion on your journey



Managing Partner

HWAUM LAW is providing

Online corporate legal service "CELLO"

for Incorporation and Trademark application

  • You can incorporate a company and apply trademarks without visiting office if you use fast and easy online service CELLO 

  • If you use both trademark registration and corporate registration, we offer discounts and more than KRW 500,000 free benefits, including partnership benefits such as 3 months free of artificial intelligence accounting services.

  • 페이스 북 사회 아이콘

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