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About Us

A competent law firm composed of top-notch lawyers

Hwaum Law is a law firm that is composed of lawyers with high experience and knowledge in the fields of IT and intellectual property in corporate legal affairs, and provides trust and satisfaction to customers as the result.

Law Firm Leading Legal Technology

Hwaum Law is the first in Korea to build and service Cello, a service where lawyers apply IT technology to provide domestic and international trademark registration and corporate registration online. It is a law firm leading domestic legal technology by securing related intellectual property through database construction, patent application, and trademark registration.

Law firm with expertise in corporate legal, IT, and intellectual property rights

The representative lawyer of Hwaum Law obtained a PhD. and has gained a high degree of expertise and experience in the field of intellectual property rights.

Law Firm Hwaum provides comprehensive corporate legal services from the establishment of startups to investment contracts, stock option contracts, terms of service, personal information protection, intellectual property rights registration, and various lawsuits.

Business Identity

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“Hwaum”, which means harmony in Korean, refers to the vision of establishment and the philosophy of Hwaum, a law firm that seeks a balance between various values ​​and helps a harmonious society.

The logo of the law firm Hwaum embodies the appearance of flowers surrounding a person. This symbolizes the value of Hwaum, a law firm that puts people first, and a utopia where nature and people live in harmony.